Everyone needs a little helpful resource from time-to-time. This will be a “living document” where I try to update it with things I’ve found useful, maybe you will to.

New to the diagnosis?

One thing that helped us tremendously when our son was first diagnosed was to join a local organization. Our’s is My Autism Family Network and they are fantastic.

You can go to and search for a local resource. Just choose your state and look for “Local Autism Organizations” under “Community Support Network” – hopefully you’ll find something there that’ll help.

Screen time for them

Yeah yeah, we let our little guy watch stuff on TV and play on a smartphone… like you don’t? Here are a few things that have helped us get him some screen time that is actually useful.


PBS Kids, hands down. Some notable shows are Peg+Cat, SUPER WHY! and Word World


To be honest most of the stuff on YouTube is HORRIBLE. It’s just one huge toy ad after another usually involving some kid who is just showered with new toys (given to them by the manufacturer). Steer clear.

That said there is one channel that really helped him learn how to play with toys the “right” way and has really helped him open up in general: Toy Trains 4u


Basically any digital puzzle game has been great. There is one that was designed and built specifically for ASD kids that he liked (albeit briefly) called “Autism Therapy with MITA”. It’s available for both iOS and Android. It’s free, go grab it.

Screen time for you

[more to come…]

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