Oh dear.

Great ideas need great execution.

This one is lacking great execution. Um, ANY execution.

I’m honestly not sure what I want to do with this space. I feel I lack credibility, but yet feel I don’t need any if I’m just getting together resources for guys and pointing them to my Facebook Group (please, go there and join) where they can discuss things and maybe get credible info. FYI, nothing is there yet… see the start of this post.

Another thing I’m struggling with is using my son’s disorder as a means to build a site and community. I don’t want to exploit his Autism. Personally, I think I’d rather just have the aforementioned Facebook Group and leave it at that.

Lastly, I’m also struggling with the name. I like it and think it’s clever, but I’m also finding that folks with Autism don’t seem to like the ‘puzzle symbol’ when it’s related to their disorder. I’m not overly sensitive to people’s opinion, but it does feel ironic to build something to ultimately help people that has a name that offends them. If you happen to land on this post and have Autism, please weigh in, I’d love to hear your perspective!

Published by Brian Timmer

utmsoft.com co-founder by day, Dad in the evening, runner, cyclist, lifter, and martial artist.

One thought on “Oh dear.

  1. With the obvious disclaimer that autistics aren’t a monolith? Yeah, we hate that damn puzzle piece. It suggests that something is missing or that we’re a problem to solve. It’s also inseparable from Autism Speaks, who you’ll find are exceptionally loathed in the community.

    Not that you asked, but there’s a strong preference for identity first language in the community, too (i.e., we are autistic, we don’t “have autism”). If you wanna get this right, that’s a big thing to be sure of.


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