Good Thing Of The Week – July 10th, 2018

Our son has a habit of holding… his poop… for days. He will just not go, in a diaper or toilet.

Well, recently he was on a 4 day holding marathon (he’s done up to 7 days, ugh).

After days of him being ridiculously grumpy and suffering from holding it we managed to get him on the toilet. We had to offer a tremendous amount of incentive to get him to sit and try.

After 10 minutes it actually happened, he was able to push it out and earn himself a Thomas the Train metal engine (Hiro), a book (also Thomas the Train), and a Thomas the Train Mini. Ugh, so much for just pooping… But hey, he did it!

It may seem like such a simple thing but it was a big win in our house.

Oh, and can you tell he digs Thomas the Train? #obsessed

Published by Brian Timmer co-founder by day, Dad in the evening, runner, cyclist, lifter, and martial artist.

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