Why “Puzzled Dads”?

So, why did I create this site?

Well, in short, for myself.

Our son was only recently (Oct., 2018) diagnosed with HFASD (High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder) via an evaluation through our public school district. In the proceeding months my wife and I moved him into an ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) preschool program, joined a local Autism organization and have spent countless hours reading up on Autism.

They say if you’ve met one child with Autism, you’ve only met one child with Autism. Each one expresses the spectrum differently.

One could add: if you’ve spent one day with your Autistic child, you’ve spent only one day with your Autistic child. Every day is different.

One bedtime routine that has worked for months can cease working in a heartbeat. Then it’s back researching and planning to figure out what to do next.

I’d like to build a resource that works to deal with those questions and changes.

OK, but why Puzzled Dads?

Well, again, for myself.

The web is awash with “Mommy Blogs”, they are great and have been enormously helpful. But, they’re written by Moms and, let’s be honest, for Moms. They have a Mom’s perspective. That’s great, but only one side of the coin.

Us guys need something too.

The spark that helped ignite this idea in my head came from a recent “parent coffee night” through our amazing local organization. We where chatting with a couple other parents and the topic of an upcoming “Mom’s Night Out” came up – just a fun night out with some of the other Moms in the group. As the conversation dug deeper into how much fun they have on these outings I looked at the only other Dad at the meeting and joked “We need to have a Dad’s Night Out!”. I was kind of kidding and it got lots of laughs, but one of the Moms exclaimed “You should!”.

That planted the seed that us guys need something for us too. Someplace where we can come together and share stories and ideas about our perspective on this whole “Autism thing”.

I have a ton of ideas for this site. But it’ll take time to build this up to something that can make those ideas come to life. So, please hang in there.

Some topics I’d like to explore:

  • Journaling and gratitude.
  • Fitness, both mental and physical (for us and our families).
  • Fun and uplifting stories.
  • Productivity, so we can get everything we need to do done.
  • Latest news in the world of Autism.

If you have ideas on things to add to the site please feel free to hit me up on Twitter via @PuzzledDads!


Published by Brian Timmer

utmsoft.com co-founder by day, Dad in the evening, runner, cyclist, lifter, and martial artist.

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